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Circular Disruption is a think tank for the circular economy. 

We provide resources and support to individuals and organizations who want to learn about and implement circular models. 

Our goal is to empower people to take action on the circular economy so that together we can build a regenerative future.

The circular economy is a new, disruptive, and fast-developing domain at the intersection of several disciplines.  No single profession or professional will remain intact from the unprecedented revolutionary change.

Systems Thinking Workbook

In this Workbook, you will 3 templates to kick start your Systems Thinking journey.

Take an industry, a personal, or professional challenge and try to draft your understanding of the system. You can use the Iceberg model, the Causal Loop Diagrams, or the Interconnectedness systems mapping.

If you are up to getting personalized feedback, send your system mapping by email to

8 Reasons to Adopt Circular Economy

In this eBook, you will get an inside overview of circular economy principles and their outstanding benefits. 

The current linear economy has exposed our natural resources to severe exploitation to fulfill the increasing population’s requirements over the years. It is high time to adopt a new sustainable economic system. Although it is challenging, the positive externalities that it guarantees are far more impactful in the long run. In this eBook, you will explore the circular economy definition, principles, and benefits.

The 12 Outstanding Struggles of Reinventing A New Circular Business Model

In this eBook, let’s take a look at twelve of the most pressing ones.

Have you heard about the breaking of temperature records, the record of plastic pollution, or the increasing incidence of new pandemics?
Like many of us, I wonder what we can do to change.
What can we do ? Change and transformation are the keywords.
But change is not easy. We need to understand, increase awareness and join our efforts to disrupt the current model and move towards a “humanity model.”
YES, we all have the power to change and contribute to this transformation, even in small steps.

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8 Reasons to Adopt Circular Economy

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The 12 Challenges of Reinventing A New Circular Business Mode

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