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We believe that the transition to a circular economy requires multiple disciplines to be brought together through collaboration.

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Who we are

The Circular Disruption Think Tank is a community of learners, doers, and thinkers committed to creating a regenerative future. 

We provide resources and space for you to learn about the circular economy, acquire the skillset for change, and collaborate with others to discover new possibilities.

What is the circular economy?

The circular economy is an alternative to the traditional linear economy thattakes resources from the earth, makes products, and then dispose of those products when they are no longer useful. 

In a circular economy, resources are used over and over again, and waste in such a way designed out of the system.

Why is the circular economy important?

The traditional linear economy is not sustainable. It takes too many resources from the earth, and it produces too much waste. The circular economy is a more sustainable model that can help us protect the environment and conserve resources.

The three pillars of our effort


Join us for our first cohort-based circular disruption series.
Take your first steps toward the Circular Economy by interacting with our international team of specialists from various countries and backgrounds.
They’ll discuss circular ideas, real-world examples, and how to kick-start your circular transformation path.

Master the tools

To build a more resilient, scalable, and sustainable world, we need to enhance our current system with new and sustainable alternatives. 

We will provide you with our tools and research so you can use circular and regenerative models in your organization.

Collaborate to discover new possibilities

Join our community to work on real-world issues and learn from other members. The best approach to learning and fixing challenges is through cooperation. Work with other members to find solutions and advance the circular transformation.


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